Doctoral school - Recruitment



 The recruitment takes place in the competition in the field of disciplines in accordance with authorisations held by universities.

1. In the field of agricultural sciences in a scientific discipline:

a) forestry

b) agriculture and horticulture

c) nutrition and food technology

d) animal science and fisheries

2. In the field of engineering and technical sciences in the scientific discipline:

a) civil engineering, geodesy and transport

b) mechanical engineering;

c) environmental engineering, mining and energy.

3. In the field of social sciences in the scientific discipline of economics and finance.

4. in the field of exact and natural sciences in the scientific discipline of science biological.

5. in the field of veterinary sciences in the scientific discipline of veterinary medicine.


 The results of the competition are public. 


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      RECRUITMENT 2024/2025

Recruitment of research topics  Order no. 8/2024

Resolution no. 18/2024  and The rules 2024/25


Resolution  and The rules  2023/24

Announcement of the competition for candidates:  Order no. 22/2023  and  topics

Competition for the doctoral school of the NCN project in a scientific discipline forestry

 Recruitment Committee 2023/24

 Recruitment results in academic year 2023/24: Ranking listResolution No. 2,   Resolution No. 4 


List of harmful, burdensome and dangerous factors for health that occur during the education at the Doctoral School in particular disciplines


Information on required documents


Declaration of the knowledge of English language

Acceptance of RODO


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